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Thanksgiving 2019

{My new wreath from Target!}

Hi friends! It feels like forever since I chimed in with a post. Did that weekend feel long to anyone else? We had lots of hustle and bustle with family and friends Wed – Friday and then Thomas and I spent Saturday and Sunday relaxing and recharging. It was a super holiday overall!

Grammie + Pea Came To Visit!

Grammie brought Gus a toy duck, which he promptly tore apart. Grammie was not too happy!

Wednesday: Bball + Date Night

On Wednesday, Thomas took my dad to the UVA basketball game, and then G+P babysat the boys while T and I went on a date. We went to Ten Sushi and had a great time!

Thursday: Thanksgiving

We each took a shift in the kitchen. I made cranberry sauce (Teri’s version with bourbon!) and Pinch of Yum’s Sweet Potato Casserole.

Mom made her popular corn pudding, and Thomas smoked our turkey on his Big Green Egg!

He was happy as a clam smoking on our new porch!

I put together a mini version of the charcuterie board from last week.

And set the table!

Thomas’s parents and T’s cousin, Michael, also joined us. (Mazen was there but he was too cool to get in the group photo so we didn’t force him.)

I had an egg sandwich for breakfast, nibbles + cheese board for lunch, and a big plate for dinner at 5:00. Plus a generous plate of pie with whipped cream! We had three kinds: pumpkin, pecan, and apple, all from Paradox Pastry.

Birch loved the corn pudding and sweet potatoes! His first real Thanksgiving.

We were all worn out for the day and in bed by 9.


On Black Friday, I woke up and made a cranberry sauce smoothie! Hoping to share the recipe soon.

Thomas and I went to ACAC for a post-Turkey Day workout (led by Matt, yes that Matt!)

We said goodbye to Grammie and Pea and then had friends over all day to watch the UVA football game! The new porch TV was installed just in time. Thomas was in heaven! We had sandwiches and some beer and did lots of cheering (and chasing after kids!)

Trim The Tree

Our sweet little tabletop tree couldn’t hold too many ornaments. But the minimalist in me is loving it! Mazen had so much fun getting out the Christmas decor this year.

While Mazen, Birch, and I decorated, Thomas reheated all of the leftovers. I think he put more on my plate than I had on actual Thanksgiving!! But that was no a problem – I still ate it all :mrgreen:

I watched the latest Survivor episode on the edge of my seat!!


We couldn’t wait it relax on Saturday after having company for a few days in a row. I went to my 8am workout class and had a slice of pie (!) and the rest of a smoothie for breakfast. Mazen went over to Matt’s for the night, and T and I caught up on laundry, emails, and couch time.

Saturday evening we went to a friends’ party for a bit before watching a couple episodes of Black Mirror on Netflix. It’s our new favorite show!

9 To 5 is my new favorite holiday lip color!

Beautycounter is on its final day of the best deals of the year!

Sunday Yoga

Breakfast of eggs, fruit + scone.

I was SO THANKFUL to get to go to a 75 minute hot yoga class at The Elements! My body and mind needed it so badly, and it had been way too long.

Hope you guys had a great holiday full of joy!

What was the highlight of your long weekend? Buy anything good for Black Friday?

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Clean Friday + Baby Bear

Rolling into the weekend like….

How cute is Baby Bear in his new Magnetic Me hat!?

Beautycounter Holiday Sets + baby bear

Today Is Clean Friday!!

That means ALL of Beautycounter is 15% off

Plus free shipping on $50+! The whole site is on sale, plus the Beautycounter holiday sets! (The only thing excluded are the collections because they are already discounted as a set.) Beautycounter only has a big sale maybe twice a year, so you will want to take advantage whether you’re a current client of mine or have been curious to try something new. You can see my favorites on this page or fill out these questions and I’ll email you back some recommendations! And if you have over $50 in your cart, you will qualify to get the famous Overnight Resurfacing Peel for just $29. I’d be all over that. Just add Band of Beauty to your cart and the Peel will magically appear.

Here are my three favorite Beautycounter holiday sets

Beautycounter Holiday Sets
Beautycounter Holiday Sets
Beautycounter Holiday Sets

Counter+ Best Sellers | Hand Cream Trio | Lip Care Set

Dates With Blog Friends

I met Brittany of Eating Bird Food for lunch at Orzo on Monday. She is here in Cville while her newborn daughter recovers from heart surgery. I got to meet Olivia before her surgery and she’s the sweetest and strongest little baby girl.

I also met up with Robyn of The Real Life RD who just moved back to town after living in NYC and Boston! Robyn has a baby boy about Birch’s age, so it was fun to get together as moms!

Birthday Cake In A Jar

She did it!! Della made the dessert I’ve been requesting. That buttercream was so darn good!

Beautycounter Holiday Sets + cake in a jar

Other meals this week:

Leftover shrimp scampi with salad

Beautycounter Holiday Sets + shrimp scampi with salad

Thomas’s famous homemade pizza
Beautycounter Holiday Sets + Thomas' famous homemade pizza
Plenty Apricot Salmon with Confetti Couscous

Plenty Apricot Salmon with Confetti Couscous

Plenty Greek Chicken Bowls with hummus and pita

Plenty Greek Chicken Bowls with hummus and pita

Two Peas In A Pod

They’ve been playing so well lately!! I imagine it will only get better when B can walk, which is coming soon!

Two Peas In A Pod

Have a great weekend!

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Remember It’s November

Have you heard Christmas music yet? I used to be one of those people who put Christmas music on the day after Halloween. This year it hasn’t even crossed my mind. I’m more of a “day after Thanksgiving” type now. I keep seeing references to Christmas list-making. Amazon sent me its holiday guide in the mail (which is great entertainment for Mazen), and we even SAW SANTA last weekend at Jack Fest! I know it’s November, but I’m not ready!

Here’s some of our weekly news…

Recipe Collaboration with Plenty

Last week Della from Plenty Cville came over for a cook day! We’re going to be collaborating on some recipes for KERF coming soon. Della has amazing creativity, kitchen skills, and recipes but no desire to sit down at a computer. I have a camera, a solid documentation process, and a platform. Together we’re two halves that make a whole dream team! I can’t wait to share more of our recipe collaboration with you.

Recipe collaboration

Recipe collaboration

This is what I ate for lunch all week:

If The Shoe Fits

I FINALLY got new running shoes! My old Brooks Ghost 10s had a 4-inch rip in the side, and I had been wearing them for a MONTH! That’s how long it took me to get over to Ragged Mountain Running Store and get fitted for some new ones. After watching me jog and walk back and forth a few times, the woman who helped me said the Brooks Ghosts were great for my feet, so I came out with Ghost 12s. I would have preferred shoes with a bit more style to them, but we agreed that comfort and fit >>> style.

Breakfast Used To Be My Favorite Meal Of The Day

Now I am literally forgetting to eat and shoving something in as I dash out the door! It’s too hard for me to prepare anything nice now that Birch is mobile so I have been waiting until our sitter arrives, grabbing something super fast, and running out the door. (Manicure has since been removed – lol!)

Recipe collaboration

Luckily smoothies are great for on the fly. This was Daily Harvest Tart Cherry smoothie with granola (in a blue jar!)

Recipe collaboration

Brother Time

Books in bed <3 I love how Birch is sitting. He’s also just starting to take a few steps!

He also has two top teeth! It’s made for quite the week combined with daylight saving time. We’ve been up very, very early! 🙁

Anyone else use their selfie cam to see if baby’s eyes are open?!

Oodles of Noodles

We had Plenty peanut noodles for dinner heated as a stir fry. So delish this way! Recipe to come soon!!

Recipe collaboration Recipe collaboration

Porch Progress

We have a floor!!! PS. Where’s Waldo?!

Recipe collaboration

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Pumpkin On The Porch

Remember when Pumpkin the cat hung out on my porch all the time!? Now I have a sweet little pumpkin baby plus some nice fall pumpkins AND a pumpkin yogurt parfait!

Pumpkin or crab, he’s the cutest!

Pumpkin Parfait

This jar had layers of slightly sweetened pumpkin, greek yogurt, and granola. Almost as good as pie!

Screened-in Porch Update

On the topic of porches, the back porch is sporting some fresh white paint!! I am crossing fingers that Thomas will be able to install the screen tracks and railings this weekend. The shiplap against the house is still going up, and we’re not that close to be done but getting MUCH closer by the day!

Birchie is still getting his upper teeth which made for a clingy week. I did a lot of baby back wearing. I can’t believe I never wore Mazen on my back! I have a great technique for getting him in the carrier from the couch so there is no risk of dropping him. I need to share this to IGTV ASAP!

New Usborne Book Fav

Birch is wild about this Woodland Sounds book Morgan sent us from Usborne! Birch even mimics the cuckoo!

Sensational Salads

I had a few this week, including one from Roots and this one with chicken, walnuts, parmesan crisps, and orange dressing from the farro salad this week that I froze in an ice cube tray and thawed. Worked like a charm!

Our Favorite Dinner

Was this Broccoli Cheddar soup from Plenty!! It’s my favorite soup, and Della’s version was 100% awesome. Thomas and I split a grilled cheese on the side!

See You Monday!

I’m a bit behind in blog posts right now (because I’ve been working ON KERF instead of writing posts!) and am skipping a Friday post tomorrow, but I’ll see you here next week with this epic how-to in the works!!

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Fall Fashion Shoot…and A Happy Pup!


Twilight Time Reading

Mazen got this book as a birthday gift from his cousin, and we’ve been enjoying reading a few chapters a night. I’m really enjoying the chapter books because there isn’t a big transition from one book to another like if you’re reading several picture books at a time. It’s nice that the chapters flow together!

Speaking of dogs, look who was released from jail!!!! He’s one happy pup! His leg seems to be doing fine, and he’s doing well on his walks.

From My Stitch Fix Box

I recently got a Stitch Fix box and wanted to share my keeps! To document them, I asked Thomas to take some photos of me on our deck. It was sooo bright I could barely open my eyes and we just weren’t that successful at the photo shoot *you shouldda been there* … *laughing crying face* When I saw the pics I almost scrapped the post altogether, but then I thought “What the heck” and so I’m sharing them anyways! Laugh with me.

Leeah Lace Knit Dress by Wisp

Classic, navy, lace. I really liked this A-line dress!


Sormosa Print Back Knit Top by Market & Spruce

This top was an instant keep. It sums up my Stitch Fix style preferences in a snap: casual, comfortable, with something unique (the floral back). I’m also sporting the Rockstar jeans from Old Navy!

This is when the photo shoot started to go down hill :mrgreen:

So I moved inside!

Calico Textured Dress by Collective Concepts

This was my final keep. I love that it’s feminine and long-sleeved for chilly fall evening events!

Blast From The Past

This dress was also Stitch Fix! From 2016. This might have been the first photo Thomas and I took together!

I’ll leave you with another sneak peek of our outdoor project!!! Hint: it’s not a pool!

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How to live with more intention

I’ve been looking forward to writing this post for a while, because when I think of what it means to be ‘wholehearted’ – intentional living is a big part of this!

However, I know intentional living is a bit of a meaningless phrase sometimes. I don’t think many of us wake up thinking ‘gosh I must be more intentional today!’

What we do tend to think are things like, ‘I need to get my shit together’, ‘I’m fed up of feeling knackered all the time’, ‘I feel like I’m living on a hamster wheel’. Or maybe even, ‘I’m not that happy’.

These are some of the thoughts I’ve had where intentional living was the answer that helped ‘fixed’ those things.

For me it’s about taking command of what your life looks like and the direction it’s going in. Perhaps it’s easier to think of the difference between living by default v living by design.

When I live by default my diet isn’t as good as it could be, I just react to everything rather than be proactive, I feel directionless, I spend too much and I feel really tired.

When I’m able to put just a couple of things in place in my life to create more intention, so much changes for the better.

These are a couple of practices that really help me live more intentionally:

Having a routine

As I’ll talk about in a moment, being intentional all the time uses up a lot of mental energy. When our mental load is already huge, it makes it even more likely that we’ll live by default. Having good routines in place help you ‘hack’ your default. When you find a routine that works and flows with your life it requires a lot less effort. The more you do it, the less effort it requires, so getting at least a good morning and evening routine down can make a huge difference. I also try and have a Sunday routine of planning meals and getting laundry done that is also really helpful for getting on top of the week before it starts!

A routine doesn’t have to be complicated, it can just include a few key things that help you feel good or make the day flow better. Start by bullet pointing out your most ideal and realistic routine then you have an idea of how you’d like it to flow, like this:

  • Get up
  • Breakfast + coffee
  • Get showered and dressed
  • 5 minutes journalling / days to do list
  • Get kids ready
  • Leave the house


I’ve always been a planner, I don’t know how I’d function without it! But planning only works if it works for you – that’s why a lot of planners and systems haven’t worked for me until I created my own system based on what I needed to plan for to make my life feel better.

I like to plan at the start of a new month and more widely each quarter when the seasons shift – this is another great tip because how we feel and what we have going on should shift and flow with the season outside.

By giving myself time to plan I can listen to myself and what I need to feel good and then figure out a way to include that in my life.

Questions I often ask myself are:

  • What’s working?
  • What’s not working?
  • What needs to change?

Something that came up for me this month was the need to reduce my mental load in new ways so I was able to think of ways to implement changes to support that.

I also think about activities I’d really like to do this month or season and then plan them in, as well as thinking ahead to events, parties, birthdays, school stuff that has a ‘job’ attached to it like buying a gift and card so those things are planned for and not just panicked about on the day they happen! (which is default for me!)

Planning doesn’t have to be this big deal, it can be as simple as sitting with a notebook and a cuppa for 30 minutes or as elaborate as spending a day with a journal, candles and tarot cards – I’ve done and do both depending on how I feel. The important thing is to have this way of checking in with yourself on a regular basis.

Having a vision

Finally, another area that really helps me live more intentionally is having a ‘vision’ for how I’d like my life to look and feel. I know what my version of success looks like, how I’d ideally like to spend my days and a rough idea of what I’m aiming for in my future. I love creating a secret board on Pinterest to inspire this.

When I reflect on this vision when I’m planning each month it helps me take small tiny steps in the right direction, or to tweak something about how I’m living day to day to bring it more in line with my vision. For example, my vision includes regular yoga so this month I bought a pregnancy class pass and challenged myself to get to class most weekends!

Mental load + brain bandwidth

Something I’ve struggled with lately and something I’m seeing more and more women talking about is our mental load. In the past I’ve often talked about our brain bandwidth (a big topic in my Mindset Makeover Course) because we need to have some spare mental energy available to do some of these things and live more intentionally.

Finding more mental energy is a post in itself, and the points above like routines and planning definitely help, but what I’ve found helpful is starting by looking at the things that happen each week that annoy me. This included multiple trips to the supermarket because I hadn’t planned out meals very well so I started doing online grocery shopping and planned out some meals and a ‘strategy’ for having ingredients in that can easily be made into different meals.

Just that one thing has freed up so much mental space for me!

One of the ways you could negatively approach intentional living is by getting too hung up on the ‘control’ element. None of us can control exactly what our lives look like – we all have a multitude of factors that play into it.

The way I like to think of it is, we can’t choose the clay we’re given but we can choose how we mould it.

I guess that’s why I quite like the term lifestyle design even if it does sound a bit wankerish!

I’d love to know your take on intentional living. Is this a term you’ve heard before? Do you think you’d benefit from it? Let me know in the comments!

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Discovering Slow Living

At the start of the year I decided that I wanted my word for 2019 to be Flow. To me, that word represents ease, slowness, abundance, trust and creativity.

It’s certainly something I’ve been focusing on so far and I’ve been able to make small tweaks to my life so that I get to feel more of those experiences. Especially important to me has been a feeling of slowness.

Slow living has become a little bit of a buzzword. I’ll often picture perfectly rustic interiors with a copy of Kinfolk on a beautifully styled minimal coffee table. But just as self care isn’t just bubble baths and painting your nails and hygge isn’t just hot drinks, candles and blankets, slow living is so much more – and nope it’s not just about doing things more slowly either!

I came to slow living because I craved spaciousness in my life. When I’m busy and all my time is used up I feel frazzled, stressed out and completely un-present. I see some other Mum’s who have jam packed schedules for themselves and their kids – and while there’s absolutely zero judgement from me, that is 100% not the way I want my life or my kids lives to look like.

As much as it’s about having a better relationship with time, slow living for me is also about my energy. I can be super focused and productive, but often I’ll do this in a frantic hyper involved way that totally exhausts me. It took me ages to realise that I was working in this way and actually how much it was affecting me negatively.

So over the past few months I’ve been trying to live more of a slow, intentional life. But what does slow living actually look like? Well I think it’s going to look different for everyone, but I wanted to share a little bit about how it looks for me to hopefully inspire you and give you some ideas!


Instead of taking the car, I try and walk more. It’s a simple switch, and for us where we have most things in easy walking distance like grocery shops, Finley’s nursery and the Library, it’s a no brainer! I find that just the act of walking calms me and stops me feeling so rushed and frantic.

Planting a garden

The biggest thing I’ve done this year for myself is plant a garden. I’d always wanted a garden and was really excited when we moved into our current home which has a sizable outdoor space. However it was really overgrown and difficult to manage, but finally, this year we’ve made some headway and I now have several pots (including home grown strawberries!) and a flower bed. I’ve spent so much time outside just tending to the plants it’s been a really great way to relax.

Take more breaks

Working for myself and from home, I can very easily get into one of those hyper focused work sessions that leave me exhausted afterwards. The good thing is I can still be productive without doing that! What I’ve found helpful is taking proper breaks, preferably outside or going for a walk, is so helpful.

These days being pregnant, I sometimes also need an afternoon nap or to just finish early. That’s really helping me feel more relaxed.

Slower mornings

Last year I became aware that full on busy mornings set me up for a day of stress. Until this week, Finley had been starting nursery at 7.30, so we’d be up at 6 and then getting ready to start the day. What I had been doing was showering after the nursery run, so that I could sit down and have a cup of tea before we left.

Thankfully as of now, Finley won’t be starting anywhere until 9ish which means more blissful slow mornings! I’m planning to figure out what a morning routine might look like for us with this later start time but I’m really excited because I know it’s going to be so much more chill – well I hope so, he is a 4 year old after all and I’m sure the school run is not going to be problem free!

Reevaluating my relationship with my phone

I’ll start by being honest and saying this is something I still struggle with and is certainly a work in progress. Being on my phone less is so helpful in being more present and feeling more slow.

What I find personally is that I need to replace my phone use with something – and for me what tends to work best is books or magazines. We have a library a short walk from our house so I have no excuses not to use it for reading material.

At the same time I try and give myself a big dose of kindness when it comes to my phone, I do actually use it for some really positive things like meditation apps, journalling and staying organised. Plus sometimes a good scroll through Pinterest is good for my soul! As with everything it’s getting the balance right.

Being organised

When I’m not organised I get that hectic anxious feeling – basically the opposite of the spaciousness I’d like to feel! I end up having to run extra errands, spend more money and generally waste more time – so being organised is really important to me.

I do this in different ways, sitting down and planning out the week, meal planning when I can, having reminders set in my Google Calendar and now that Finley will be starting school soon I’m going to get a family wall calendar for the kitchen too.


Over the past couple of years James and I have slowly been getting a better handle on our ‘stuff’. We’ve decluttered so much I’m almost embarrassed by how much we had! Of course it’s all been sold on or gone to charity shops, but the experience has taught me a lot about what we bring into the house and its purpose. Alongside decluttering we’ve also been changing up the furniture we use so that it better fits our space, and looks more beautiful.

When we moved in 3 years ago after doing some renovations I now realise I bought a lot of stuff without really thinking it out, and in hindsight they just didn’t work for us. It’s been a slow process but we’re free of a lot of clutter and have a much more beautiful and functional environment. It’s nowhere near the ‘slow living aesthetic’ but it’s a much calmer place to be, with much more physical space.

Appreciating the little things

One of the easiest things I found in my quest for a slower life is simply appreciating the little things. The way the morning light illuminates the hallway, the way Finley’s skin feels, the pleasure of making a morning cup of coffee, watching the birds in the garden. Really noticing these things and saying to myself, ‘I appreciate this’ has been such a tiny but significant thing in helping me slow the heck down and enjoy life more!

This is what slow living is looking like for me at the moment, but as with anything, just because this is what it looks like for me, doesn’t mean it should look like this for you. Listen to what your soul is craving. For me it was this spaciousness in life where I keep things much more simple.

Had you heard about slow living before? What does slow living look like for you?

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Living a more sustainable life


A couple of months ago I had a bit of a crisis moment, I was feeling rundown and burned out, tired and anxious. Yep, even self care coaches can have their moments!

Although I was doing many of the good self care things I know help, I was still feeling like I was sinking under the weight of my workload, my health worries and everything else.

As I started to find my way out of it, a word came to mind and it’s been a word that’s become a bit of a guiding light for me since: sustainable.

What I realised is that I had a habit of doing things unsustainably – I’d take on too much work, I’d spend in an unsustainable way, I’d manage my time unsustainably, in the past I most definitely treat my body in an unsustainable way too.

Since then I’ve become really focused on how I can live in a more sustainable way. Obviously sustainability has some big links to the environment, and what I’ve found is that by looking at sustainability from multiple viewpoints, I’ve become more environmentally sustainable as well.

The questions I asked myself a few months ago were:

  • How can I make my business more sustainable?
  • How can I look after my body and mind in a more sustainable way?
  • How can I manage my money in a sustainable way?
  • How can I manage my time in a sustainable way?
  • What does a more sustainable household look like?
  • What would sustainable habits look like?

Since then I’ve made lots of tweaks and changes in how I do things to channel this more sustainable vibe…

I let go of some business projects

I made the tough decision to close down my Wholeheartedly You programme and stop creating the quarterly journals. I looked at my business and how I could make things simpler and more streamlined. Simpler definitely equals more sustainable in my book!

This helped me save time and brain space for the other work I do and definitely helped me manage my workload a lot better.

For you, this might look like reviewing your workload and letting go of tasks that aren’t working or finding simpler ways to do them with the help of colleagues if needed. Sometimes we do stuff just because that’s how it’s already been done, but if it’s adding to an already complex and full on work load it’s not going to be sustainable in the long run.

I started spending less and becoming more conscious with my money

To be fair I had been in a process of getting better with money over the last few years, but something about looking at my spending and money management via the concept of sustainability has helped me even more.

Now I’m much less likely to spend impulsively because I’m more aware of how unsustainable that is in the long term. I’m also really aware how much I don’t want to be bringing more crap into the house.

Apart of this has also been switching our regular grocery shops to Lidl, buying more things second hand and making purchases that will last us longer – for example I bought some reusable cotton rounds instead of having to keep on buying the regular kind and throwing them out – hence the environmental element!

I really asked myself what is sustainable in terms of my diet

I had been starting to let a lot of old programming around diet slip back in – the old food rules that told me I shouldn’t eat dairy, gluten or meat etc. The problem I have with this is that those food rules are unsustainable for me and often backfire in that I end up eating more unhealthy food because I can’t adhere to these ‘rules’.

So asking myself what is actually sustainable – which for me is eating mostly whole unprocessed foods which will occasionally include dairy, gluten, meat, sugar, carbs etc has been just what I’ve needed to bust out of that old mindset creeping back in.

Decluttered and simplified things at home

I was already a big fan of decluttering but I’ve been doing even more lately – having lots of crap isn’t sustainable so it’s been a match between letting go of stuff that doesn’t serve us any purpose (much of it lately has been Finley’s old toys) and then being much more aware of what new things we bring into the house too.

As I said earlier we’re buying more things second hand now and selling more of our things too (I sold an old camera on eBay for £250 I was over the moon!)

I’ve also been working on getting more organised, now I have a drawer for gift wrap and old gift boxes to be reused and I’m working on creating a travel kit and a well organised home maintenance drawer too as inspired by Remodelista: The Organised Home.

Sometimes making your life more sustainable is about getting really honest about what is sustainable for you in the phase of life you’re in. As a Mum to a young child who’s running two businesses, with the resources (financial and otherwise) available to me, that has been a bit of a wake up call.

I’ve also layered on how I actually want my life to feel in all of this – because that was the issue, my life wasn’t feeling the way I wanted it too, instead of slow and calm it was feeling rushed and anxious. My sustainability has to include the ability to be slow and calm or else it’s not really going to be sustainable for me!

Looking at this has also meant I needed to let some dreams go – at least for now. I would have loved to start a podcast again but alas, that’s just not sustainable for me right now.

Sustainability does have that environmental element and the more I’ve become interested in a sustainable life the more interested I’ve become in lower impact living too!

What are your thoughts on living a more sustainable life? Does life feel sustainable to you these days? What could you tweak to make things more sustainable for you?

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When Did We Accept That It Was OK To Be So Hard On Ourselves?

I absolutely love the New Year because it feels like a fresh start, a clean slate, and a world of potential and opportunity. Why is that wonder so quickly stomped on by our fear of not living up to our own expectations?

Do you ever make New Year’s resolutions or goals and find yourself getting overwhelmed, stressed out or frustrated instead of inspired, motivated and energized? Why do you think that is?

Is it the pressure we put on ourselves to not mess up or get off track because then we will feel like we failed? Where did that pressure come from and when did it begin?

When did we accept that it was ok to be so hard on ourselves that we don’t even begin to try?


One of my favorite things about SBF is our community on Facebook. We have a group for active SBF’ers where members encourage, inspire, share stories, defeats and build relationships. It is a support system of women from all over the world that are standing up against the lies that we are fed every single day and reminding each other why it is we choose to be healthy and strive to be the best versions of ourselves. These are women that are helping each other answer the questions above, and pushing each other to kick fear in the face and hold onto the value and worth that is not found in our appearance, our number on a scale, or the number of birthdays we’ve celebrated.

Last week one of the members shared these words along with a great tool that she found and I was compelled to share it:


“I usually don’t make resolutions, as I usually only stick to them for a week. Something always changes, or I go back to the way I was last year. Resolutions end up being more stressful than helpful. 

It’s late in January, but I’m starting a plan. It’s not a new goal; it’s been around for a while, but now I’ve decided to have a plan to chase it. 

Goal: be fit, for life. 

It’s a goal that’ll last forever. 

I’ve been doing SBF for a few years now, but I want to give myself more structure and make it a habit. 3 days a week at least, no excuses. 

Someone once told me that too many people treat exercise like something extra, something they COULD do. But not enough people treat it like a necessity, such like food. Something they NEED to do. That really made me think. 

So here’s my habit book! I found it in Target. It’s a great little accountability hard-bound book with awesome quotes on each page. On my days off, I am going to choose SBF workouts, run, and record it all in this book. Plus, before I start exercising, I’m to sit down, relax, and do my devotions. I need to learn to take it slow and not rush to fit things in. I keep over-scheduling myself on my days off. That needs to stop! 


So here goes. It’s late in the day already but I am about to log into SBF and choose some videos. And it will all go in this book.

Happy SBF’ing, ladies!”    -Deborah S.

Thank you so much for sharing this Deborah! It encouraged me so much to see that you are intentionally creating a plan and implementing tools to help you stick to it!

3 Most Important Things To Remember

  1. You are strong and capable of more than you will ever understand. Tell someone else that today.
  2. Give yourself grace.
  3. When you are feeling discouraged sit down and journal things you are grateful for. Just start writing.


Ok, now it’s time for a sweepstakes #giveaway! I loved Deborah’s habit book so much that I tracked a couple down and will be sending two of you a book with a personal message from me!

Enter to WIN by COMMENTING below with your thoughts and SHARE this blog post of Facebook. 

xoxo Suzanne

P.S. If you don’t WIN you can find this journal at Target.

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In Vino Veritas

Instagram knows me like a BFF. No matter what I’m thinking about – nursing bras, beanies, wine – she reads my thoughts and delivers ads that target exactly what I have on the brain.

Tasting Room was advertised in my feed and after clicking through, I paid $7 for this little tasting kit to come to my house. (I should have looked for someone’s friend code to get it for free!) I have a thing for any kind of tasting – from wine to cheese to chocolate! I think it’s because when you do a tasting you really relish in the mindfulness of the experience. Plus mini bottles are so cute.

I went one by one through each wine, guided by the website, and ate crackers in between to cleanse my palate. I think I calculated that it was just over two glasses worth of wine total so you could share it with a partner too (but I didn’t want to!) I compared and contrasted the first two, middle two and last two and took an online quiz while I sipped. I think it took me over an hour to make my way through.

When you’re done, Tasting Room creates a wine profile for you. If you choose to continue, they send you a case of wines you’ll like based on your preferences. I have enough wine on hand that I postponed this shipment to the summer. (There is no obligation to order the case after your tasting.)

Apparently I like subtle sophisticated reds and fresh, zesty whites! My favorite part of the tasting was this graphic at the end which tells you what to look for on a wine menu. I do tend to ask for red wines that are fruit forward and velvety, so that makes sense!


If you want to try it too, this friend code should get you a FREE tasting box just like I did. If you do order wine after, that an affiliate link for me and a discount for you.

I want to know: what is your all-time favorite bottle of wine!!

It’s so hard to choose a favorite, but mine would have to be one of the big reds from a local vineyard here in Cville. Perhaps one from the Pippin Flight. Or the Croze Rose from King Family! (I just love that name! Did you hear they are making cans of it?!)

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