Powdered Bums + Toilet Paper

recycled toilet paper

Recycled Toilet Paper Round II

Remember back in July I did a sponsored post with a toilet paper company called Who Gives A Crap? They make 100% recycled TP that is conveniently shipped to your door and donate 50% of profits to sanitation projects around the world. Well it’s been FIVE months and we just ran out!! As promised, I ordered more. I really do love this TP, and this post is of no obligation to them. Also: I used my own promo code to order. It still works for $10 off – click here.

More than anything else, I really loved how long my box lasted. I really haven’t thought about toilet paper in five months. I keep the pretty papered rolls on the top shelf of the kids’ bathroom in a basket. And I take rolls to our other two bathrooms every few weeks as needed to store right there.

recycled toilet paper

Of course, Birch thought the rolls were for him to play with when I unpacked them. The crinkly paper is worth its weight in gold because it kept him entertained for about 20 minutes!

recycled toilet paper

They also make paper towels!

I also tried the paper towels and ordered a six pack. I think the transition from Target toilet paper to WGAC’s was a bit easier to make than going from Bounty to WGAC paper towels. The WGAC paper towels are really smooth. I do like that the roll is a bit shorter than Bounty so I’m using less per sheet without really realizing it. I am all for making swaps that force me to use recycled and use less.  Because it’s a little shorter, if you have a countertop roll holder that sits vertically you might see the inside part a bit, FYI.

recycled toilet paper + paper towels

Holiday Bottoms Up!

In other bum news, look at the new holiday prints from Hello Bello!

holiday prints from Hello Bello!

I love these diapers for many reasons, but these prints are so cute.

holiday prints from Hello Bello!

Here’s a cute pic!

And if you’re someone who doesn’t really care about TP or diapers, here’s a pic of the boys for you! They have been playing together so well <3

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